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About Us


About Us

A valuable extension to your business

eCommerce Connections is a valuable extension to your IT business.  Once you start using eCommerce Connections very quickly it starts to take on a life of its own, becoming your Marketing Department, Sales Team, Purchasing Officer and Webmaster/Designer.


eCommerce Connections is your Marketing Department

The eCommerce Connections Marketing Centre is the place that manages all your marketing activities.

  • Create a newsletter campaign, filter recipients and create individual coupon codes.
  • Increase profits by using cross-selling techniques.
  • Ensure more visitors by optimising your online store to Google search engine requirements.
  • Get Social!  Communicate with your customers on a personal level. Quickly and easily open a forum, create a business blog or allow product reviews - your customers will thank you with higher order values and greater loyalty.
  • Sell via eBay.  The eCommerce Connections platform offers integration to eBay plus other portals.  As a eCommerce Connections store operator, you can sell on product and price comparison portals both nationally and internationally.  The success of the products in the individual portals can be measured quickly and easily via Wagtail Analytics.

eCommerce Connections is your Sales Team

The eCommerce Connections platform provides you with a 360-degree view of all your quotes and orders.

  • Search and review existing quotes by status.
  • Access latest pricing and availability.
  • Generate new, professional looking quotes in minutes.
  • Manage quote revisions and updates.
  • Set reminders, alerts and notifications.
  • Convert to order in a single click.

eCommerce Connections is your Purchasing Officer

eCommerce Connections is linked directly to your accounts at all your distributors, giving you full confidence in all your ordering and account management activities.

  • Track orders and status.
  • Automate ordering and fulfilment.
  • Manage payments and credit limits using Moneytech account.
  • Keep customers updated on delivery ETAs.

eCommerce Connections is your Webmaster/Designer

Your eCommerce Connections storefront comes complete with your distributor feeds, choice of products and suppliers, pricing and availability – and your branding, open for business 24x7 taking orders during the day, overnight – even at weekends!

  • Fully integrated Content Management System (CMS).
  • User definable products, categories and bundles.
  • Customisable mark up rules, pricing discounts and customer groups.
  • Automated workflows.
  • Internet Merchant Facility for secure, online payments.