Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Acceptable Usage Policy

This eCommerce Connections Acceptable Use Policy ("AUP") describes the proper kinds of conduct and prohibited uses of eCommerce Connections' hosting services (the "Services"). This AUP is not exhaustive and eCommerce Connections (eCommerce Connections Pty Ltd) reserves the right to modify this AUP at any time, effective upon posting of the modified AUP at http://www.ecommerceconnections.com.au. By registering for and using the Services, and thereby accepting the terms and conditions of this AUP, you agree to abide by these conditions as modified from time to time. Any violation of the AUP may result in the suspension or termination of your account or such other action as eCommerce Connections deems appropriate.

IMPORTANT NOTE - eCommerce Connections has the right to discontinue service (without refund), or deny access to anyone who violates our policies or the terms and conditions shown below WITHOUT WARNING OR PRIOR NOTICE.

eCommerce Connections and ePages End User License Agreement and Terms and Conditions

All eCommerce Connections customers using the epages product are bound by eCommerce Connections’ Terms and Conditions on ecommerceconnections.com.au and the epages’ End User License Agreement (“EULA”) and Terms and Conditions. These can be found at http://www.epages.de/en/contact/downloads.htm.

Server Abuse

Any attempt to undermine or cause harm to a server or customer, of eCommerce Connections is strictly prohibited.

Any unauthorized use of other people's accounts or computers will be reacted to strongly by eCommerce Connections. This includes  any use or attempted use of an Internet account or computer without the owner's authorization. Such attempts include "Internet scamming" (tricking other people into releasing their passwords), password robbery, security hole scanning, etc.

Any unauthorized use of accounts or computers by an eCommerce Connections customer, whether or not the attacked account or computer belongs to eCommerce Connections, will result in action against the attacker. Possible actions include warnings, account suspension or cancellation, and civil or criminal legal action, depending on the seriousness of the attack.

Customers may not run IRC, bots or clients on shared servers. Unacceptable uses also include, but are NOT limited to: Bulk emailing, unsolicited email, newsgroup spamming, pornographic content, illegal content, copyright infringement, trademark infringement, warez, cracks, software serial numbers, and/or anything else determined by eCommerce Connections to be unacceptable use of eCommerce Connections' services including abuse of server resources.

All hosting accounts may be terminated that include the following content or which have links to the following content:


Providing material that is grossly offensive to the Web community including blatant expressions of bigotry, racism or hatred.


Promoting or providing instructional information about illegal activities, or promoting physical harm or injury against any group or individual.


Displaying material that exploits children under 18 years of age


Acts of copyright infringement including offering pirated computer programs or links to such programs, information used to circumvent manufacturer-installed copy-protect devices, including serial or registration numbers for software programs, or any type of cracker utilities.


Provider Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS)

eCommerce Connections do not recommend that you hold credit card data or financial data about your customers on the website. If you have concerns about PCI compliance you should contact your bank.

PCI DSS is a set of security standards developed by the world's major credit card companies, including MasterCard, Visa and American Express. It is aimed at businesses that process credit or debit card transactions and consists of 12 control objectives to protect data.

If you use a reputable payment service provider then most of these issues will be handled by them. If you take credit card data on your web site using the manual credit card payment method then you need to be aware of the risk.

The 12 key guidelines are:

  1. Install and maintain a firewall configuration to protect data
  2. Do not use vendor-supplied defaults for passwords or other security parameters
  3. Protect stored cardholder data
  4. Encrypt the transmission of cardholder data and sensitive information
  5. Use and regularly update anti-virus software
  6. Develop and maintain secure systems and applications
  7. Restrict access to data by business need-to-know
  8. Assign a unique ID to each person with computer access
  9. Restrict physical access to cardholder data
  10. Track and monitor all access to network resources and cardholder data
  11. Regularly test security systems and processes
  12. Maintain a policy that addresses information security

If your web site is hosted by eCommerce Connections (using ePages) then we comply with items 1 - 6. Item 2. relates also to your own MBO and that password is your responsibility. Items 7 - 12 are entirely under your control as the store owners and we would urge you to review these. eCommerce Connections strongly recommends the use of a reputable Payment Service Provider.

If you have any questions about PCIDSS or the manual credit card payment method, please speak to your account representative on 1300 237 079. Alternatively please email [email protected]



Unsolicited Email (Spam)

Unsolicited commercial advertisements (spam) are not allowed in e-mail, and will likely result in account cancellation.

eCommerce Connections takes a zero-tolerance approach to spam originating from our servers or for spam advertising of domains hosted on our servers.

The following activities are not allowed:


Unsolicited bulk or commercial messages ("spam"). This includes, but is not limited to, bulk mailing of commercial advertising, informational announcements, charity requests, petitions for signatures, and political or religious tracts. Such messages may only be sent to those who have explicitly requested it from your domain.


Forging, altering or removing electronic mail headers is prohibited. Any domain sending stealth spam will be terminated without warning and without refund.


Sending numerous copies of the same or substantially similar message with the intent to disrupt a server or account ("mail bombing").


Spamming Newsgroups: Commercial advertisements are unwelcome in most Usenet discussion groups and on most e-mail mailing lists. Inappropriate posting may result in account cancellation. "Spamming," or sending a message to many different off-topic newsgroups, is particularly unethical and will be treated as such.


Mail may not be used to harass or intimidate others. Harassment, whether through language, frequency of messages, or size of messages, is prohibited. Sending a single unwelcome message may be considered harassment. If a recipient asks to stop receiving e-mail, you must not send that person any further messages.


Providing spamware (software used to send bulk email or software used to harvest email addresses) or links to sites providing spamware is strictly prohibited and subject to demand for removal or account cancellation.

Note: If you use the services of another provider (including but not limited to the use of address lists obtained from a third party vendor or provider) to promote a web site hosted by or through eCommerce Connections (spamvertising), then the provisions of the above Policy shall apply as if the spam were sent through our servers.

Penalty: Depending on the severity of your SPAMMING, eCommerce Connections reserves the right to charge you between $1.00 - $100.00 PER SPAM sent through our network. Your web site content will also be confiscated and it will  NEVER be returned to you.

CGI Scripts


Each shared Unix web hosting account comes with its own cgi-bin, in which you are free to use any* CGI scripts you wish.
*See the Server Resource Abuse section.


Server Resource Abuse


Shared server accounts are limited in use of the amount of server resources. Shared server resource abuse includes any process or service usage that affects normal shared server operation, resources or connectivity, and which causes a server to become overloaded. Shared server resources include CPU and memory usage, number of concurrent processes, number of concurrent port or database connections and total bandwidth. eCommerce Connections will be the sole arbiter as to what constitutes a violation of this provision. Possible causes of server resource abuse include, but are not limited to, the use of: CGI, Perl, Sendmail, mySQL, MSSQL, PHP, ASP, COLDFUSION, HTTP, SMTP, POP3 and FTP. Shared server accounts are NOT allow to send more than 2000 emails per day. If server resource abuse is detected, possible actions include, but are not limited to: disabling of the offending script or scripts, disabling of the specific service, disabling of the entire account or account cancellation. If server overload is a result of server resource abuse, these actions will be taken without prior notice or warning.    


Banned Scripts / Software

The following scripts, services and software are not permitted on our servers. Both Unix and Windows based scripts.


Ikonboard (all versions)


The Anonymizer


UltimateBBS (all versions)


All soap mailers


Egg Drops




psybnc (all versions)




Proxy Servers











We do not allow clients to install their own chat rooms within a shared hosting account, without approving it with the eCommerce Connections Support Team. Most chat rooms tend to be large system hogs and we cannot allow it as an account option. Note: Parachat chat rooms do not apply to this rule. They are perfectly fine to install.

We do not allow clients to send more than 2000 pieces of e-mail per day from a shared hosting account. If you do send more than 2000 pieces of e-mail per day, your account will be placed on hold for Network Abuse. If you are sending legitimate e-mails and they total more than 2000 per day your account will be moved to a special server that is specifically designed to handle high volumes of e-mail. You will be charged $90.00/month in addition to your regular hosting charges if your account is moved to this server. Please contact [email protected] to have your domain moved.

Background Running Programs

We may allow programs to run continually in the background. These will be considered on a case-by-case basis, must be approved by eCommerce Connections Support Team and an extra charge may be incurred based on system resources used and operational maintenance needed.


We currently do not allow IRC, IRC clients or IRC bots to be operated on any of our servers. In addition, IRC servers are not permitted on our network. Anyone found to be in violation of this policy risks immediate account termination.

Excessive Use/Overages

You will not exceed the bandwidth and storage usage limits of your particular web hosting package. If you use any bandwidth or storage space in excess of the agreed upon number of megabytes per month or if you exceed storage size limitations, eCommerce Connections may, in its sole discretion, assess you for additional charges. If eCommerce Connections elects to take any corrective action, eCommerce Connections will not refund any unused pre-paid fees. Your use of your account and access to it is your responsibility. You are responsible for any unauthorized access to your account resulting in bandwidth and/or storage usage exceeding the limits outlined in your particular web hosting package specifications and resultant charges. Bandwidth overages are currently billed at 10c per 1MB per month.

Payment Policies

All accounts are on a pre-pay basis. Setup fees are non-refundable. All pricing is guaranteed for the term of pre-payment. eCommerce Connections reserves the right to change prices at any time, unless other terms have been agreed upon. Any account not brought current within a week (7 days) of e-mail notice or exceeding this time frame in any way is subject to suspension. The customer is responsible for all money owed on the account from the time it was established to the time that the customer notifies eCommerce Connections at [email protected] to request  termination of services. All taxes, fees and governmental charges relating to the Services provided hereunder (other than income taxes of eCommerce Connections) shall be paid by the Customer. eCommerce Connections accepts cheques from customers for payment of web hosting services and fees associated with your account. However, there will be a $5.00 per cheque processing fee for each customer paying by cheque.

  • For each online order, you must pay:
    • 1. the applicable price for the relevant goods confirmed by eCommerce Connections; and
    • 2. the delivery and handling fee specified on the web site at that time.
  • Your order and credit card details are safe and secure. All personal and credit card information provided to eCommerce Connections is encoded using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology, an encryption protocol that protects data as it travels over the Internet.
  • At this stage we can only accept payments using the methods stated in the Orders & Payment section of this web site.
  • We are unable to accept COD charges.
  • Payment must be cleared before the goods are dispatched unless you have approved credit facilities with eCommerce Connections.
  • Prices and range on this web site may vary at eCommerce Connections’s discretion.
  • If we are forced to pursue customers for debts and engage a debt collector or pay any legal fees for non payment, customers agree to pay back these costs and are liable for our expenses in pursuing your debt.



eCommerce Connections reserves the right to cancel service at any time. All fees paid in advance of cancellation will be pro-rated and paid by eCommerce Connections if eCommerce Connections institutes its right of cancellation. Any violation of policies or the above terms and conditions which results in extra costs will be billed to the customer (i.e. transfer, space etc.) and in this instance fees will not be refunded.

All of eCommerce Connections' web hosting plans are backed by a 15 day money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with our services or support within the first 15 days of your contract, you will be given a full refund of the contract amount excluding setup fees, domain registration fees, add-on/upgrade fees overages and excessive support usage. Setup fees are refundable only if the account order is cancelled prior to account activation.

For web hosting contracts of 3 months or less, the full contract amount less any setup fees, domain registration fees, add-on/upgrade fees, overages and excessive support usage.will be refunded if eCommerce Connections is notified within the first 15 days following activation. No refund is available after the 15th day.

For web hosting contracts longer than 3 months, a refund equal to one half of the contract amount less any setup fees, domain registration fees, add-on/upgrade fees, overages and excessive support usage will be given if eCommerce Connections is notified prior to the first day of the third month of the contract term. If you cancel prior to the end of your contract term and you received special pre-pay rates, eCommerce Connections fees will be adjusted so that you pay the regular, non-discounted monthly fees.

No refunds for any reason will be given once the third month of the contract term has begun.

Cancellations via email will not constitute acceptance of any cancellation unless acknowledged by eCommerce Connections. Refunds will be made by company cheque or issued back to your credit card within 30 days of receipt of cancellation in writing. No refunds will be given for any promotional offer. This includes any promotion with or without coupon purchase.


Liability and Obligations on Cancellation

If the Agreement expires or is cancelled for any reason, eCommerce Connections is not liable  for the expiration or cancellation for compensation, reimbursement or damages on account of the loss of prospective profits, anticipated sales, goodwill or on account of expenditures, investments, leases or commitments in connection with your business, or for any other reason whatsoever flowing from the termination or expiration. If you terminate this Agreement, eCommerce Connections will not relieve you of any obligations to pay fees and costs accrued before the termination date or any other amounts you owe to eCommerce Connections under this Agreement.


Material and Product Requirements

You must ensure that all material and data placed on eCommerce Connections' equipment is in a condition that is "server-ready," which is in a form requiring no additional manipulation by eCommerce Connections. eCommerce Connections will make no effort to validate any of this information for content, correctness or usability. If your material is not "server-ready", eCommerce Connections may reject this material. eCommerce Connections will notify you of its refusal of the material and afford you the opportunity to modify the material to satisfy eCommerce Connections' requirements. Use of the Services requires a certain level of knowledge in the use of Internet languages, protocols and software. This level of knowledge varies depending on the anticipated use and desired content of your Web site. You must have the some of the necessary knowledge to create and maintain a Web site. eCommerce Connections does not provide this knowledge or customer support outside of the Services. If you do not have this knowledge a support agreement may be entered into with eCommerce Connections which will incur a support fee, or training can be provided at your cost.

Intellectual Property Rights

Material accessible to you through eCommerce Connections' services may be subject to protection under the Australia, United States or other copyright laws, or laws protecting trademarks, trade secrets or proprietary information. Except when expressly permitted by the owner of such rights, you must not use eCommerce Connections or its servers and network in a manner that would infringe, violate, dilute or misappropriate any such rights, with respect to any material, which you access or receive through the eCommerce Connections network. If you use a domain name in connection with eCommerce Connections or similar service, you must not use that domain name in violation of any trademark, service mark, or similar rights of any third party.

No rights relating to the Intellectual Property contained in the epages product or any of eCommerce Connections’s designs or products are given to you, unless specifically stated in a separate agreement. Also, eCommerce Connections reserves the right to retain all Intellectual Property rights to your site until such time as all outstanding fees have been paid. No rights to the site or project (other than customer supplied intellectual property) will be assigned to the customer until all fees have been paid.

Network Security

Customers may not use the eCommerce Connections network in an attempt to circumvent user authentication or security of any host, network, or account. This includes, but is not limited to, accessing data not intended for the customer, logging into a server or account the customer is not expressly authorized to access, password cracking, probing the security of other networks in search of weakness, or violation of any other organization's security policy. Customers may not attempt to interfere or deny service to any user, host, or network. This includes, but is not limited to flooding, mail bombing or other deliberate attempts to overload or crash a host or network. eCommerce Connections will cooperate fully with investigations of violations of systems or network security at other sites, including cooperating with law enforcement authorities in the investigation of suspected criminal violations. Users who violate system or network security may incur criminal or civil liability. You are solely responsible for any security breaches affecting servers or accounts under your control. If your server or website is responsible for or involved in an attack on or unauthorized access into another server or system, eCommerce Connections will shut it down immediately. You will pay any charges resulting from the cost to correct security breaches affecting eCommerce Connections or any of its other customers

Electronic Commerce

You will be solely responsible for the development, operation and maintenance of your online store, except for the intial setup and maintenance of the epages product and any extra services that you have requested, and products and all contents and materials appearing online or on your products, including without limitation (a) the accuracy and appropriateness of content and materials appearing within the store or related to your products, (b) ensuring that the content and materials appearing within the store or related to your products do not violate or infringe upon the rights of any third party, and (c) ensuring that the content and materials appearing within the store or related to your products are not libellous or otherwise illegal. You will be solely responsible for the final calculation and application of shipping and sales tax, or ensuring that the epages product is configured correctly to handle pricing and tax calculations. You will also be solely responsible for accepting, processing, and filling any customer orders, and for handling any customer inquiries or complaints arising there from.

You are also responsible for the security of any customer credit card numbers and related customer information you may access as a result of conducting electronic commerce transactions through your Web Site. You will keep all such information confidential and will use the same degree of care and security as you use with your confidential information.

eCommerce Connections supplies a shared SSL certificate that is applied to all store that use the assigned URL, if you wish to have a separate URL applied to your store and SSL security then a further cost will be incurred for the purchase of the SSL, unique IP Address, Domain Name, and administration costs to set it up. This process is based on current pricing from the vendors that we use, plus a work effort to apply the changes.


Any details of the project such as promotion or publicity should be revealed to eCommerce Connections prior to proposal acceptance. eCommerce Connections reserves the right to demand additional hosting charges on site “go live” should the mode or style of site use change due to launch circumstances, unexpected site or internet use activity or misinformation provided by any third party.


Static / Dynamic Content Caching

You expressly (i) grant to eCommerce Connections a license to cache the entirety of your Web Site, including content supplied by third parties, hosted by eCommerce Connections under this Agreement and (ii) agree that such caching is not an infringement of any of your intellectual property rights or any third party's intellectual property rights.

Torturous Conduct

Any abuse towards any eCommerce Connections employees will not be tolerated. You are expected to request and respond to support and other issues in a professional manner, when emailing eCommerce Connections or utilizing the Support System, refrain from using caps, exclamation points, and other forms of written yelling. Any cursing, yelling, or further intentional disruptive behaviour aimed at eCommerce Connections employees shall be considered a violation of this AUP.

Any threat; whether verbally, orally, written, or delivered by second parties directed towards eCommerce Connections employees, partners, equipment, and concerns shall be construed as a violation of this AUP. Any conduct viewed as violating this section shall be considered a violation of this AUP. eCommerce Connections will be the sole arbitrator in regards to what is deemed a violation.

No refunds shall be given when the contents of this section necessitates removal of the account.

IP Address Ownership

eCommerce Connections shall maintain and control ownership of all IP numbers and addresses that may be assigned to you by eCommerce Connections and eCommerce Connections reserves, in its sole discretion, the right to change or remove any and all such IP numbers and addresses.

Domain Name Registration

Customer agrees to pay eCommerce Connections prior to the effectiveness of the desired domain name registration, the then-current amounts set forth in the eCommerce Connections price schedule for the initial registration of the domain name and, should Customer choose to renew the registration, subsequent renewals of the registration. All fees are non-refundable, in whole or in part, even if Customer's domain name registration is suspended, cancelled or transferred prior to the end of Customer's then current registration term.

eCommerce Connections reserves the right to change fees, surcharges, renewal fees or to institute new fees at any time, for any reason, at its sole discretion. Customer's requested domain name will not be registered unless and until we receive actual payment of the registration fee, and have confirmed Customer's registration in an email from eCommerce Connections to the email address indicated in Customer's registration application.

In the event of a charge-back by a credit card company (or similar action by another payment provider allowed by eCommerce Connections) in connection with the payments of the registration fee for Customer's domain name registration, Customer agrees and acknowledges that the domain name registration shall be transferred to eCommerce Connections as the paying entity for that registration to the registry and that we reserve all rights regarding such domain name including, without limitation, the right to make the domain name available to other parties for purchase. eCommerce Connections will reinstate Customer's domain name registration solely at eCommerce Connections' discretion, and subject to our receipt of the initial registration or renewal fee and our then-current reinstatement fee.

For the use of the eCommerce Connections shared SSL certificate the use of a domain name is restricted to a redirection to the eCommerce Connections supplied URL. If you wish to have a domain name applied across your store we require you to purchase from us a unique IP address and SSL certificate. To apply for an IP address and SSL certificate contact [email protected].

Lawful Purpose

eCommerce Connections reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. Customers may only use eCommerce Connections server for lawful purpose. Transmission of any material in violation of any Federal, State or Local regulation is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to copyrighted material, material legally judged to be threatening or obscene, and material protected by trade secrets. The designation of any materials as such described above is left entirely to the discretion of eCommerce Connections management. Regardless of the place of signing this agreement, the client agrees that for purposes of venue and jurisdiction this contract was entered into and performed in, and any dispute will be litigated or arbitrated in New South Wales, Australia. All purchases, and these terms and conditions, are subject to the laws of New South Wales, Australia. IN NO EVENT SHALL eCommerce Connections' MAXIMUM LIABILITY EXCEED THREE HUNDRED ($300.00) DOLLARS. If you become aware of anyone breaching these terms you must contact us immediately and notify us of the breach.







Privacy Policy

At eCommerce Connections we are committed to protecting and respecting the privacy of our customers and visitors. eCommerce Connections highly values the strong relationships we have with our customers. The gradual introduction of data collection technology at eCommerce Connections will be handled with full and proper respect for the privacy of our customers. To protect your privacy, you can visit eCommerce Connections' site without identifying yourself or having to reveal any information about yourself.

Your personal information: what do we collect, and how do we use it?

  • We do not collect personal information when you visit our site unless you log on, place an order or register with us.
  • When you place an order you will be asked for the following personal information: your name, e-mail address, mailing address, delivery address and any special delivery instructions, phone number. We may share this information, and only that information which is absolutely necessary, with those third parties that are involved in the processing of your order. For example, the financial institution that issued your credit card and the shipping carrier that delivers your order.
  • As a first time customer, you may receive a telephone call or email requesting more information/proof to confirm the details that you have supplied to us.
  • We do not share, sell, rent or barter any identifiable personal information to any third party without your permission, with some exceptions see section “Third Party Disclosure”.
  • When you log on to our site, we will ask you your e-mail address and user ID, which is usually your name.
  • We have specials and clearance emails available to make your shopping and purchasing experience easier. Should you decide to subscribe, we will send you your requested information from time to time. You may unsubscribe at any time. Subscription to this service is optional and free.
  • When you submit feedback or questions via e-mail, or contact us for information about our Web site, we will request your name and e-mail address. We use this information solely to respond to your inquiries.
  • When you enter a contest or other promotional feature, we may ask for your name, address, and e-mail address so we can administer the contest and notify winners. We may ask for other information to enable us to improve our site or to send you special offers.
  • Our site contains links to other sites. eCommerce Connections is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of other Web sites.
  • By default all web server log files capture IP addresses. We may use your IP to help diagnose problems with our server, administer our web site and to track web usage. This information is used internally and is not shared with anyone else. As the Federal Government introduces new privacy legislation - eCommerce Connections' privacy policies will be reviewed and updated as appropriate. More information on privacy legislation is available from the Federal Privacy Commissioner at www.privacy.gov.au. Cookies A cookie is a small amount of information sent from a Web server to your computer. We use cookies when someone logs into our site, to maintain that log in, to retain log in information, if requested, and for the service of our shopping basket. We do not use cookies for marketing, promotional or advertising purposes, nor do we use cookies to track your Internet activity before or after you leave eCommerce Connections. Any activity while you are at the web site may be monitored. Your computer will only store a maximum of 2kb of cookies. They are deleted on a first in first out basis. No other company has access to our cookies. eCommerce Connections has found that attractive, graphics-rich emails are a quick, effective and low-cost way to communicate with customers and prospects about new high tech products, clearance and auction items. We maintain an opt-out, user-customizable subscription service of email addresses of people requesting promotional emails. We do not want to send emails to you if you would prefer not to receive them. Therefore, every email provides a way for you to unsubscribe from future emails. In addition, you can visit our web site, contact your account manager or call. We also have administrative procedures in place to remove email addresses and domains that consistently send failure messages to our email servers. Security For credit card transactions, eCommerce Connections adds security by using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology. This means that the credit card information you send is encrypted by your computer, and then decrypted again on our side, preventing others from accessing your private information in between. So, when using an SSL capable browser, shopping on eCommerce Connections' web site is the safest kind of transaction possible with a credit card.

Changes You Can Make:

  • To make any changes to your order or contact information, please contact the eCommerce Connections Support Team or your account manager via email or phone..
  • Subscribing, unsubscribing or changing your details for our Subscription Email Newsletter Service please contact us via email or phone.

All information collected from customers when signing up is used for billing and administration purposes only and will be kept confidential. Contact information collected will be name, address, telephone number and payment information will be credit or debit card. None of which will be passed onto third parties with one exception. Please refer to the statement below regarding third party disclosure of customer information.

What do we collect and where?

Our sites use several different forms that our customers can use to request information, products, and services. From these forms, we collect the following information:


Visitors' contact information (like e-mail addresses)


Unique identifiers (like customer numbers)


iFinancial information (like account or credit card numbers)


IP addresses


Third Party Disclosure of customer information

eCommerce Connections does not provide your individual data to third parties, with the obvious exception of third party business partners. These would include Domain Name Registries and Wholesale Web Hosting Service Providers need your information to register a domain name, or companies who are assisting us to provide and market our services. These companies would include organisations like direct marketing agencies, call centres, debt collection agencies, etc. These organisations would not be allowed to keep your data, or use it for their own purposes.

eCommerce Connections will not otherwise disclose its customers' personal and account information unless eCommerce Connections has reason to believe that disclosing such information is necessary to identify, make contact with, or bring legal action against someone who may be causing harm or interfering with the rights or property of eCommerce Connections, eCommerce Connections' customers, or others, or where eCommerce Connections has a good faith belief that the law requires such disclosure.

eCommerce Connections also will not, except for reasons stated below, disclose to third parties the contents of any electronic mail or other electronic communications that eCommerce Connections stores or transmits for its customers. The circumstances under which eCommerce Connections will disclose such electronic customer communications are when:


it is necessary in order to provide service to the customer;


it is necessary to protect the legitimate interests of eCommerce Connections and its customers;


it is required to cooperate with interception orders, warrants, or other legal process that eCommerce Connections determines in its sole discretion to be valid and enforceable; and


it is necessary to provide to a law enforcement agency when the contents are inadvertently obtained by eCommerce Connections and appear to pertain to the commission of a crime.


Children's Guidelines

eCommerce Connections requires that all account holders be 18 years of age or older. Children are not provided access to any eCommerce Connections services in which any personal data is collected beyond the collection of a visitor's IP address and session status.

If eCommerce Connections becomes aware that any child has accessed eCommerce Connections' non-publicly available web sites, the account through which the child has gained access will be terminated.

If you believe eCommerce Connections has collected any information from or about anyone under 18, please contact us immediately.

Additional Information

When visitors use the website, information such as the ISP's domain, the time accessed and the pages visited will be stored by us. This is to analyse the web traffic and improve content of the site.

Any personal information contained within the customer's website is their own responsibility. We have taken security measures to ensure that our customers are protected against loss, alteration or misuse.

Customers are responsible for ensuring that only authorized personnel access their accounts. If for any reason you are concerned about this, do contact us at [email protected].

Guarantees & Refund Policy


Service Level Agreement & Specifications 

eCommerce Connections endeavours to have the content of your web site available for http access by any party in the world for as much time as possible. Network downtime (unavailability) is defined as 100% packet loss from eCommerce Connections to its backbone providers. Downtime is measured past 10 minutes after notification of network failure. eCommerce Connections' administrators will determine the end of the downtime by a trace route to the customer's machine from outside the eCommerce Connections network.


eCommerce Connections shall not liable for a credit to be provided to you in the event that you have any outage resulting from (1.) scheduled maintenance as posted from time to time at eCommerce Connections, (2.) your behaviour or the performance or failure of your equipment, facilities or applications, or (3.) circumstances beyond eCommerce Connections' reasonable control, including, without limitation, acts of any governmental body, war, insurrection, sabotage, embargo, fire, flood, strike or other labour disturbance, interruption of or delay in transportation, unavailability of interruption or delay in telecommunications or third party services, including DNS propagation, domain name registration / transfer, failure of third party software or hardware or inability to obtain raw materials, supplies, or power used in or equipment needed for provision of your web site, or (4.) a client breaking any item in eCommerce Connections' "terms and conditions or Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)" causing hardware or software to fail as a result.

Returns & Refunds


eCommerce Connections has an extensive dispute resolution process that must be exhausted before any refunds are issued. All refund applications will be carefully considered and given at the discretion of the Company Management. If it is not terminated for an acceptable reason agreed to by Management then it automatically renews for the next period. If you wish to terminate your contract you should give us written notice at least 30 days before the renewal date of your contract with us. If you fail to send us this notice of termination your contract is automatically renewed and you shall become liable for the next fee in full, within the discretion of eCommerce Connections Management.


Support Costs


eCommerce Connections is available for support during normal business hours, however for serious defects or server downtime there is 24 x 7 support contactable through [email protected]. Apart from reporting bugs or server issues, all other support queries may incur a cost of $5.00. All customers have five support queries included in their monthly rental, however after this the costs will be invoiced at the end of the month.


Packs of support calls per month are available to be added to your monthly rental at the rate of:


6-10 calls/month = $35.00

11-20 calls/month = $65.00

21-50 calls/month = $110.00

50+ /month = $250.00


If you would like to add a support pack to your package please contact [email protected].


If it is identified that there is a support issue it will be designated a priority code (as seen below), and will be treated accordingly by eCommerce Connections support staff. If the query is determined to be a development or information request we will scope out the requirements and you will be informed of the potential costs for your sign off before we proceed.


Support Priorities


Priority Process for Problem Management

Severity Level 1 – the item, application or system is down, unusable or degraded with critical impact on the delivery of the relevant application to many Users.  No acceptable bypass or alternative is available.

Severity Level 2 – the item, application or system is down, unusable or degraded with critical impact on the delivery of the relevant application to an individual User or a potential critical impact on the delivery of the relevant application to many Users.  No acceptable bypass or alternative is available.

Severity Level 3 – the item, application or system is down, unusable or degraded.  There is some operational impact but no immediate impact on delivery of the relevant Application.  An acceptable bypass or alternative is available.

The following Severity Codes will be used in relation to Problem Management of all Problems:

Severity Level 4 – the item, application or system is down, unusable, degraded or difficult to use.  There is no operational impact and there is a readily available alternative to work with.