Flexible designs

Our professional design team have created three templates which they will then customise for your branding.

With the varying styles of logo, colour schemes and audiences in mind, they've created three very different looks which can be adapted to suit your message.

Want some extras?

  • The homepage hero panel is fully customised and many resellers have opted for a rotating panel of 4-6 messages.
  • Resellers have utilised ePages' blog functionality to engage their customers
  • Custom forms have been created to enhance communication
  • Social media integration can be extended to a Facebook "like box", a Twitter "stream" or a LinkedIn link in the sidebar

One system for all purposes

Custom content pages can contain any information you want to convey - you'll question whether you really need a separate information site. Why not bring it all within one, easy to maintain system?

Designers with a difference

Our resellers have been so pleased with our designers that a number of them have approached the team for work on their main websites and have even referred them to their own clients. That's an endorsement!

Premium templates

These templates have been created for maximum adaptability. They are only a starting point for your new site.

Additional information about the customer group for special discounts is also displayed in the customer login.

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New templates regularly

The design team comes up with new templates every quarter, so if you want to re-skin for new branding or just for a fresh new look, there are very affordable options.

Go fully customised

If you've got a particular look you want that you don't think will fit in our templates, ask us. Our designers have been working in IT and design for 20 years and they love a challenge. They'll get you maximum value for money from the package, then give you a very reasonable quote to take the site all the way.