Within the Marketing Centre you have complete control over Newsletters, Coupons, Product Portals, Social Web and more.


  • Give your customers the ability to exchange opinions about interesting offers.
  • Use Coupons as an effective instrument for customer retention.
  • Offer products on eBay as well as your website.
  • Create and modify advertising in Google using the latest SEO, Adwords and Google Places.
  • Use statistics to optimise your website.

Get Social!

Communicate with your customers on a personal level. The Web 2.0 features of the eCommerce Connections platform make it possible. Quickly and easily open a forum, create a business blog or allow product reviews - your customers will thank you with higher order values and greater loyalty.

Distribute Newsletters

By sending out newsletters and coupons, you will be making an important contribution to increasing the sales from your online store while also retaining customers. With the eCommerce Connections platform, you can do this in no time.

The following can be defined for coupons:

  • Absolute discount or by percentage
  • Waiver of shipping fees
  • Minimum order value
  • Validity
  • Number of coupons
  • Single or collective coupon

The creation and the mailing of the newsletter can be done completely in ePages without additional software. You have the choice here between individualised newsletters with individual coupon codes or a generalised mailing.

Sell via eBay

In order to make products available to a wider buying audience and to be able to use the strengths of product review, they can be offered on product and price comparison portals directly from the online store.

The eCommerce Connections platform offers integration to eBay plus other portals.  As an eCommerce Connections store operator, you can sell on product and price comparison portals both nationally and internationally.  The success of the products in the individual portals can be measured quickly and easily via Wagtail Analytics.