SEO & Analytics

SEO & Analytics



SEO Made Easy

The eCommerce Connections platform prepares your online presence so that the SEO complexity is as simple as possible in the store and on the website. 

Some of the features include:

  • Short URLs (normally max. one parameter)
  • Automatic creation of a sitemap.XML file
  • Automatic creation of title tags (filled with product and store names)
  • Automatic creation of a meta description
  • Field for keywords in the product descriptions
  • Automatic transfer of the product name into the first-level header (<h1>)
  • Automatic transfer of the product name into the Alt attribute of product images
  • Representation of images as links

Wagtail Analytics

Checking visitor behaviour on a daily basis is an absolute must when operating an online store or a business website. This is the only way to see the success of your online offering as it happens and be able to turn traffic into sales. 

Find out who's visiting your eCommerce Connections online store and who your customers are. Learn to understand what they are interested in and what offers they find especially attractive. The integration of the web statistics from Wagtail Analytics will keep you up to date.

Web Stats

You have the choice of a number of analysis options that can be performed in real time, without the use of cookies or storing IP addresses.

Traffic Trend Analysis

Webtail Analytics is a great tool for web controlling. With the implementation in your eCommerce Connections platform, you have all you need to find out about your customers – their purchasing needs and habits.

Visitor Details

The Wagtail Analytics advanced reporting is comprised of three parts.

  • Reports on the financial data captured from your eCommerce Connections hosted stores.
  • Visitor reporting and analytics with social media capabilities.
  • Free bandwidth reports on the eCommerce Connections hosted stores.

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